14+ Events, Speakers and Fun you don’t want to miss at Web Summit 2017

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60,000+ attendees, 1000+ speakers, 2,200+ journalists from 160+ countries will all meet under the same roof November 6–9 in Lisbon, Portugal for “the largest tech conference in the world” (Inc.com).

With Web Summit less than a month away, my heart rate has begun its ascent.

Kodiak Rating (company responsible for Kodiak Community) will be in attendance at Web Summit 2017 as an ALHPA startup. Meaning we will be on the floor as an exhibitor during one of the days, between November 7–9, as well as in attendance at Pub Summit and Night Summit. If you’re in attendance, come find us, we’d love to chat!

Web Summit’s structure is broken down into 25 mini-Conferences (Including a Center Stage), which bear their own-individual themes, topics and speakers. Some, but not all, of the themes that will be discussed on-stage and away from the stage are:

Robotics, AI, Fintech, Big Data, Investing of the future, Sustainability, Impact Tech, VR & AR, Sports & Technology, Marketing, SaaS Growth & Metrics, Pitch refining, News, Popular Culture, the Sharing Economy, Government Policy & Crossover, Cybersecurity, Scalability, Blockchain and much more.

Still not certain Web Summit is the place for you? Or, you’re planning on attending, but don’t know where to focus your energy?

Don’t sweat it…. I gotch’ya covered.

Here is…

14+ Events, Speakers and Fun you don’t want to miss at Web Summit 2017:

1. Stewart Butterfield, Co-Founder & CEO — Slack: Nov. 8 at 14:00 on the Center Stage

Source: Business Insider

Slack’s user-friendly business communication platform has reshaped the way that businesses are communicating today. It’s instant message style of sending messages amongst team members is breaking down silos, replacing internal email systems and streamlining document sharing.

Stewart Butterfield will be speaking on the second day on the main stage during a session titled, “The future of work: Making personality productive.” The talk will focus around balance, and streamlining effective employee-led workforces.

2. Al Gore, Former Vice President, Chairman — Generation Investment Management: Nov. 9 at 16:30 on the Center Stage

This is a man that needs little introduction. Prestige and reputation precede a person such as Al Gore.

On par with Gore’s usual concern and activism, the Nobel Peace Prize winner will be in attendance to implore the tech and innovation community to take on responsibility for the planet’s sustainable safety & development.

This, you don’t want to miss.

3. Steve Huffman, CEO — Reddit: Nov 8 at 12:35 on the Center Stage

Source: Hipmunk

Steve Huffman will be joined on stage by Karen Tso (Anchor, Squak Box, CEO) to discuss about the redesigns that are planned for the beloved, user-driven, blog and publication, Reddit.

The main focus of the talk will be based around design, social media, and content creation. The real question Steve Huffman plans to answer: “How do you redesign something that many people love” (Web Summit 2017).

A short Q+A with Huffman will follow the presentation.

4. Margrethe Vestager, European Commissioner for Competition — European Commission: Nov. 7 at 11:30 on the Center Stage

Source: Wikimedia Commons

Vestager, a long-time veteran politician from Denmark, plans to speak about competition- amongst the emerging businesses and sectors the EU has to offer. The presentation is titled: “Competition matters: How does the EU protect it?”

The talk will be focused around competition policy, and why it is important for markets to function properly.

5. Caitlyn Jenner, Olympian and Advocate for Transgender Rights: Nov. 9 at 14:00 on the Center Stage

Source: Twitter

Caitlyn Jenner’s profile in the media is well recognized by many, but her impact off-screen from KUWTK, also deserves attention.

Jenner is an activist of transgender rights, and uses her own story and journey as a trans-woman to build an understanding for the new definition of gender.

The session will follow with a Q+A session with Caitlyn Jenner.

6. Meredith Artley, Editor-in-Chief — CNN Digital: Nov 7. at 16:15 during PandaConf and Nov. 8 at 11:05 during Content Makers

Source: Web Summit

Both of the sessions Meridith Artley will be participating in will be focused around reporting and content creation. On the 7th Artley will be a part of a discussion regarding reporting in the current climate where news outlets find themselves under constant scrutiny.

Nov. 8th she will be presenting solo, talking about presenting reliable and factual news even in times of “chaos”.

7. Sophia the Robot and Professor Einstein Robot: Nov. 7 at 11:45 on the Center Stage

Two robots will showdown in the sake of humanity.

Developers from Hanson Robotics will show off some of their latest AI creations, where they will be interviewing two robots, live, on stage.

This is innovation on a high level people…

8. Wyclef Jean, Musician and Philanthropist: Nov. 9 at 13:30 during Music Notes and at 16:05 on the Center Stage

Source: L’union Suite

Wyclef Jean is a conscientious musician, writer and producer, out to make more than just good music.

For music and entertainment junkies, his exhibition taking place on the Music Notes stage is a must see. He’ll be giving “Production Masterclass”. As for his presence on the Center Stage, he’ll discuss how the tech industry can play a role in the survival of traditional and future music industry.

Go on, feel the rhythm.

9. Pub Summit: Nov. 6–9

As an attendee, you have the opportunity to sign up for Pub Summit with certain ticket packages.

Web Summit has created an atmosphere… with beer.

If you’re interested in pub-crawling throughout Lisbon with some of the most innovative minds in the world, go for it! There’s nothing like a little business, while sharing a pint.


10. Surf Summit: Nov. 4–6

Source: Web Summit

For those attendees looking for a little extra excitement, head to Lisbon a few days early, and sign up for Surf Summit.

During Nov 4th and 5th Web Summit is hosting fun in the sun with various outdoors activities including hiking, biking and surfing. These all take place away from the hustle and bustle of Lisbon, to give you the relaxation and thrills you need to prepare for the tech arena!

11. Night Summit: Nov 6–9

Source: Web Summit

Don’t limit your fun to the sunlight. At the night, the real party gets started.

Each night of Web Summit (included in certain ticket packages) attendees are invited, with Web Summit hosts, to tour some of the coolest spots for nightlife in Lisbon.

Don’t be afraid to break a move!

12. Diane Tryneski, Chief Digital Officer — HBO: Nov. 9th at 15:45 at Content Makers

Titled, “HBO Presents: Ten things about Television”, Tryneski plans on laying out a road map for where she sees the future of TV over the next ten years.

I wonder… is ‘Winter is coming’ ?

13. Desktops and apps: Is mobile the future of enterprise? : Nov. 8th at 11:40 during SaaS Monster

Paul Rosado, Founder & CEO, Outsystems along with Ross Mason, Founder, Mulesoft will discuss the ideology of mobile-first approach.

They will dive into the psyches of B2B customer’s wants and needs, and will try to determine where the fine line lies between mobile and desktop when it comes to digital work tools.

14. Brad Smith, President — Microsoft: Nov. 8th at 15:10 on the Center Stage

Smith plans to speak to the masses in this arena of tech.

As the digital transformation of business continues to shift our everyday into a contemporary future, there are increasing cyber threats coming into the forefront of popular concern.

Brad Smith plans to define the issue, discuss how cybersecurity should be executed, and how it will affect various sectors of business and government.

Endless Possibilities

This post serves as solely a snapshot of the innovational and inspirational speakers, events and fun that will ensue during those (hopefully) sunny days in Lisbon.

If you have any suggestions for an event that you think would be interesting to see during Web Summit, or comments for the information presented above, feel free to comment below!

And, if you’re planning on attending Web Summit, don’t be shy, shoot me or one of my colleagues a line via our website! We’d be happy to see you there!

Until next week.

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