8 Things we’re expecting at SaaStr Annual 2018!

Source: SaaStr (Recap of SaaStr Annual 2017)

1. Lika barn leker bäst

There’s a saying in Swedish, ‘lika barn leker bäst,’ which simply means that similar children play well together.

Communication is the key to collaboration. Those who dare to speak up find great gain in unity.

I read a quote recently by David Ogilvy, and though its language was a bit outdated, the concept is timeless.

2. Experience the magic of San Fran


3. Planning to pitch

There will be a plethora of venture capital swirling around the venue at SaaStr Annual.

4. Trends for the coming year in SaaS

It’s no mistake that SaaStr Annual takes place at the beginning of February.

5. Sarah Bird — CEO — Moz

Back in 2014 Rand Fishkin, SEO wizkid (feels weird calling a grown man a kid, but you know what I mean), handed over the reigns as CEO of Moz to Sarah Bird.

6. Dude, Where’s my Leads? 5 Ways to Avoid the Leads Black Hole Effect

This talk is taking place on Tuesday as one of the very first sessions of SaaStr Annual 2018.

Source: LeadFormix Inc.

7. Karen Peacock — COO — Intercom

Source: Twitter

8. Aatif Awan — VP Growth & International — LinkedIn

Source: Twitter



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