t’s time to air our dirty laundry.

Procurement is a function that is undergoing an exciting transformation in the majority of global value chains; simultaneously, within its own strategy, process, and technology.

This is an exciting time to be a procurement practitioner, as well as a vendor of ProcureTech solutions…

PR: Stockholm, Sweden, September 6, 2021

tockholm, Sweden, 06/09/21. Kodiak Rating, a provider of the cloud-based Supplier Relationship Management software, announces today on September 6, 2021, that it has completed a rebranding and brand evolution.

As of today, Kodiak Rating will change its name to Kodiak Hub.

Kodiak Hub’s organization, solution, and value proposition has evolved…

hat exactly are you and your procurement team working towards?

I don’t mean current contracts, products, projects, or initiatives. When asking, “What are you working towards”, I mean the big picture. What’s the mission, vision, and end goal of your company and/or your function? What is your guiding light? …

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Supplier Relationship Management SaaS provider. Learn more at https://www.kodiakhub.com

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