Procurement Teams want Pretty Simple Solutions.

The Personal — Professional Discourse

Poor UX can cost you

  • 5-15% of IT development projects will be abandoned before, or shortly after delivery due to poor usability. This amounts to $150 billion lost.
  • 45% of users give up if registration, entry or onboarding to a tool is too difficult.
  • In 2013, Avon pulled the plug on a $125 million software overhaul, after a pilot of the system in Canada revealed that iPad rollout was too difficult to use, and many sales reps began to quit the company. (Momentum Design Lab).

How UI/UX & ease-of-use play into the decision making process

Source: WBR Insights & Mintec
  • Less IT Support Needed: “80 percent of chief information officers and IT directors devote half their time to low-value, nonstrategic tasks, according to a Logicalis study. So it only makes sense to choose intuitive solutions that require less end-user training and support. IT departments will then be able to take on more value-added projects” (Marshall 2014).
  • Faster Time-to-Adoption: If a solution is easy-to-use than it’s likely easy-to-implement. The quicker you can implement & adopt a solution, the quicker you and your team can begin to reap the benefits!
  • Managing Change and Aligning the Team: Choosing to purchase, and giving your procurement team, easy-to-use digital solutions and work tools will make them happy campers. If your ProcureTech solutions are simple to use and fill their function well, then you’ll likely be able to align the team behind adopting the new technology; streamlining change management.
  • User Engagement and Frequency: Easy-to-use and engaging solutions & technology will be used with more frequency. Better user-health (metric for the level of use) can lead to more complete data quality, operational gains, and ultimately a competitive edge.
  • Impacting Investments & Budget: If you’re going to invest in new digital procurement solutions, chances are you need a sign-off, blessing, or dedicated budget from your C-Suite/Board. If you choose intuitive solutions, with appealing interfaces, easy to grasp value propositions, and low FTE implementation resources necessary, chances are you’ll be able to make a strong business case of the investment.

Embracing a Digital Culture



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