The Key to Procurement Digital Transformation: People

7 Steps to Jumpstart Procurement Digital Transformation

  1. Create a Culture for Change — Don’t be afraid to fail, think iteratively, and create a collaborative (flatter) organization where feedback and insight sharing are welcomed.
  2. Assess your Present State — Run GAP/SWOT Analysis or alike activities to understand where you’re at, and where you may want to be.
  3. Identify areas of potential change — Spot the existing parts of your process that need to be redesigned/improved upon.
  4. Market Exploration — See what’s out there on the market. Meet with prospective vendors, see demos, ask questions and gather findings.
  5. Identify Prospective Technology Vendors — Map out vendors against your ideal roadmap and begin to shortlist vendors.
  6. Build your Case for Budget — Build your business case, get Leadership on your side, and apply for funding to receive necessary resources.
  7. Pull together a Dream Team — Choose your drivers of change. Identify a program/project lead, and put together a steering committee to ensure the project is in capable hands.

Putting the right people in place

Future-proof your Team’s Skills

Transformation/Program Managers

Don’t underestimate the Analysts

Empower Supplier Development & Innovation

People are the Key 🔑



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